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TIXiMED Chief Scientific Officer Co-Authors Study Published in Diabetes

In a study published in Diabetes, Anath Shalev, M.D. and Guanlan Xu, Ph.D. examine the mechanism underlying verapamil’s beneficial effect on type 1 diabetes. According to Dr. Shalev, the study’s results “reveal IGF-1 signaling as yet another previously unappreciated pathway affected by verapamil and TXNIP that may contribute to the beneficial verapamil effects in the context of Type 1 diabetes.” Dr. Shalev is the Chief Scientific Officer of TIXiMED, Inc., a company developing and commercializing TXNIP inhibiting medications as therapeutics for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

TIXiMED Chief Scientific Officer Presents at 2023 Immunology of Diabetes Society Congress

Renowned diabetes researcher and Chief Scientific Officer of TIXiMED Dr. Anath Shalev presented her work on verapamil and TXNIP inhibition at the 2023 Immunology of Diabetes Society Congress in Paris.